Tovuti LMS expands partnership with Tony Robbins, leveraging his expertise to help refine and expand packaged training content offerings.

Tovuti LMS announces expanded partnership with Tony Robbins

BOISE, Idaho, October 23, 2023 - Tovuti, Inc., a global, industry-leading SaaS learning management system (LMS) software and training content company, announces its expanded partnership with Tony Robbins of Robbins Research Institute (RRI).

Tony Robbins, one of the nation’s top life and business strategists, has helped countless organizations worldwide increase the performance of their teams and operations through personal coaching, courses, and more. Through this expanded partnership, Robbins will bring his expertise to help Tovuti refine and expand its packaged training content offerings for enterprise-level customers.

"Tovuti’s platform is a game-changer for global access to best-in-class training and education," Tony Robbins said.

Tovuti will use Robbins’ expertise to further improve course expansion and packaged course content available in Tovuti’s current suite of pre-built course offerings. Tovuti has ongoing content partnerships with numerous leading organizations including BizLibrary, Straxo, AMC Health, LearnQuest, and more, increasing accessibility to world-class courses on everything from compliance to employee development, healthcare, and virtual reality e-learning.

“We are thrilled at what Tony brings to the table,” Troy McClain said. “His depth of experience on what coaches, motivates, and educates customers is invaluable. We look forward to this deeper relationship with Tony Robbins and RRI and the expertise he can bring to our strategy.”

“Tony Robbins is world-renowned for his ability to invigorate teams and drive immediate impacts for organizations,” Michael Krause, Tovuti COO, said. “We are so fortunate for this strategic partnership as this provides our customers and their enterprise operations with more content options that will help drive their teams at optimum efficiency.”

“When we look at the LMS landscape, the biggest hurdle for organizations is developing meaningful content for their teams that actually delivers results,” Tony Arnold, Tovuti CMO, said. “With the strategic guidance of Tony Robbins, we’ll be able to deliver the best content available on the market and provide tangible business results.”

Tovuti is a #1 ranked, SaaS learning and knowledge management system. Through AI tools, superior customer service, and gamification, Tovuti makes training on everything from compliance to career development, sales enablement, and more easy on administrators and fun for learners. With clients in more than 20 countries, Tovuti is the LMS choice for hundreds of SMB, enterprise, healthcare, software, government, and federal (FedRAMP) clients worldwide. Tovuti currently operates in North and South America, Australia, Germany, UAE, Europe, and Spain with plans to expand into Japan, Korea, Egypt, and other territories. To learn more about Tovuti, visit

Robbins Research International, Inc. (RRI) is the research and marketing arm of Tony Robbins’ personal development businesses. RRI conducts personal development, sales, and corporate seminars that cover a wide range of topics, from mental conditioning and personal achievement systems to communication and business mastery.

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